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Immutable Laws

Immutable laws are a blend of core values, company ethics, and business practices we choose to place at the center of our company's operations.  These principles drive our decision making, inform our growth, and ensure we stay on target as we expand into new territory.  No matter where the journey leads, immutable laws serve as a compass to make certain we stay true to the founding principles on which we are built.

Law #1 - Walk Beside Me

RESPECT. Interconnectedness. Kindness. Compassion. Awareness. Consideration. Equality. Fairness. Love.

Law #2 - Keep Growing

HUMILITY. Curiosity. Growth mindset. Openness. Understanding. Vulnerability.

Law #3 - Today, do your best. Tomorrow, repeat.

EXCELLENCE. Consistency. Quality. Best available. Of great worth. Meaningful. Expertise. Authentic.

Law #4 - Steady compass, flexible path.

FLEXIBILITY. openness to change. laid back. easy manner. adaptable. think on your feet. resiliency. versatility. skillfulness.

Law #5 - Walk the middle path.

BALANCE. equilibrium. self-care. other-care. team. rest. productivity. groundedness. stability. harmony. regulation. vulnerability. authenticity. calm.

Law #6 - Be real.

TRANSPARENCY. authenticity. vulnerability. collaboration. fairness. accountability. understanding. openness. direction.

Law #7 - No shame.

NONJUDGMENTAL STANCE. openness. curiosity. honesty. transparency. teachability. outcomes. commitment. teamwork. collaboration. authenticity.

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